Easily one of my favourite photos of my beautiful son. I am not sure who took it – I only know it wasn’t me. More than a simple image, this photo reveals to me every facet of his complicated personality and conflicted spirit struggling to find a balance in a world that is uncomfortable with truth and authenticity. It has been an honour to see him discover the depth of his intuitiveness, empathic ability and his sensitivity. The danger of having these gifts is in not recognising the potential they have to destroy a beautiful spirit, so I am eternally grateful that he also has the gift of wisdom, and that he is discovering how to harness and use his gifts for good. He has brought me such joy. The pride I feel as a parent is not the, “look what I made!” kind of pride. I may have brought him into this world, but the credit of who he is and who he has become belongs solely to him!


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